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Our Story

“The biggest buzz is seeing the customer’s reaction to the end product. What matters to me is the creation of a piece of art that can be passed on for generations – an instrument that’s really timeless. ”


At Evetts drums, we combine our love of drumming with our passion for woodworking to create truly special drums from Australia’s finest hardwoods. What began as a dream quickly turned into reality as we set about turning our South Sydney garage into Australia’s premier boutique drum manufacturer showcasing our obsessive eye for quality and detail.


After years of research and refinement we launched our first drums in 2008 and business has blossomed.

Evetts drums are played by some of Australia’s most dynamic and emerging drummers from professional, seasoned touring artists to local artists, beginners and everyone in between.  

Not just snares

While we started specialising in boutique snares, demand for our drums consistently grew and in 2014 we started making full, handcrafted drum kits. Today, Evetts kits and snares are played on stages big and small, and in studios and rehearsal rooms throughout Australia and the world.   

Evetts, ‘by drummers, for drummers’

An Evetts bespoke drum set or snare drum is more than just buying an instrument off the shelf. Customers are actively involved in the process dealing directly with the craftsman manufacturing their drums to make sure they get the absolute best drum for them. Our “by drummers, for drummers” philosophy means we’ll do everything within our means to give you the look, sound and feel that you’re searching for. Every customer takes a journey from seeing raw veneers materialise into their unique dream instrument.