Stack of veneer bundles

Our Process

The biggest factor separating Evetts Drums from other drum companies is our handcrafted shells.

All Evetts drums begin with our house-pressed shells made from native Australian hardwoods chosen for their unique tonal qualities.

At Evetts, we have a meticulous eye for quality, detail and consistency. We want drummers to be as excited and thrilled with drumming as we are, so we work tirelessly to ensure that all our kits have consistent tonal matches to ensure your kit lets you express yourself to the best of your ability.

Step 1: Premium Veneers

Each drum in a set is constructed using consecutive sheets of premium quality veneer, which are sourced from a single log. This helps create that characteristically consistent Evetts sound.

Once the veneers are selected they are painstakingly prepared and pressed into multi-layered sheets using specialised glues and pressing techniques.

Evetts craftsman Steve Crawley stitching veneer

Step 2: Shell Forming

These sheets are fitted precisely to our drum shell moulds, one layer at a time. Our moulds utilise pressure from an internal locking system along with external pressure and tension from the plies. This combination of dry-moulding and cold-pressing allows the glues to dry naturally, forming a perfectly pressed and consistent drum shell that is extremely stable, resonant and durable.

Evetts drums craftsman forming drum shell with 2ply

Step 3: Sanding

Once released from the mould, each drum shell can then be cut precisely to depth, sanded and finished. For a striking and unique aesthetic we also offer a range of locally sourced and imported exotic outer veneers.

Evetts drums craftsman sanding drum shell

Step 4: Finishing:

All finishes, from open-grain satin to high gloss, are completed by hand to our immaculate standards with premium quality lacquers.

Evetts drums spray gun in the spray booth

Step 5: Bearing Edges

All bearing edges on Evetts drums are hand cut and sanded to help bring the shells to life. The bearing edges are then sealed by hand with a special oil/wax blend ensuring meticulous detail and providing a consistent edge for the drum head to be seated on.

Evetts drums craftsman hand cutting bearing edges on router table

Step 6: Assembly

Once assembled, each Evetts drum goes through a thorough quality control check to ensure the product lives up to the high standards upon which we pride ourselves. All drums are then tuned to ear and tested prior to being shipped out to their new home.

Evetts drums craftsman assembling handcrafted bespoke snare drum with remo drum heads