Nic Pettersen drummer for Northlane live at Unify Gathering festival

Nic Pettersen Signature Series

Experience the bright yet full bodied and aggressive tone of the Nic Pettersen Signature Snare drum. The snare has an articulate and dynamic feel, made possible by the handcrafted 16ply Tasmanian Blackwood shell, an Australian tone wood that has the perfect qualities for the diverse drummer.

The horizontal, top and bottom blackout veneer stripes in combination with a Satin finish give an illusion of depth, but don't be fooled, this 14x7 shell packs a punch!

Nic Pettersen, influential drummer of Sydney metal band Northlane, has a background in handmade snare building. His collaboration with Evetts Drums created the perfect combination of knowledge and experience, both behind and inside the drum.

Nic had been dabbling in the art of snare drum building for a number of years. Constantly trialling different styles of snares, Nic has always had a keen ear for what woods, dimensions and specifications suit his playing situation best. Due to his heavy touring cycle with Northlane he wasn’t able to make his dream snare a reality, until he teamed up with Evetts.

Nic Pettersen drummer for Northlane

Nic’s aim was to create a diverse snare drum ideal for all drummers. To reach these standards he decided he needed the expertise of a craftsmen that he admired, Stephen Crawley of Evetts Drums was his man. The two came together to combine their experience from all corners of drumming and the result was the powerful, versatile and articulate snare that is at home in the studio and on the big stage as it is in the practice room.

The Nic Pettersen Signature snare was Nic’s main snare on all of Northlane’s forth studio album, ‘Mesmer’. The drum also features on the newly released Nic Pettersen Studio Drums sample pack.

The Nic Pettersen Signature Snares are made to order, contact us for current pricing and lead times.

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Nic Pettersen playthrough of Northlane track Render

"Render" Playthrough

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