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Drum Shell Options

After years of research and development we have settled with three different Australian hardwoods to form the base of your drum sound. These timbers all have their own characteristics and voice which will help express your drumming to its full potential. 

We offer drum shell diameters of 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”.

Drum shell depths are available from 4.5”- 8” for Snare Drums; 6” – 10" for Rack Toms; 12” – square depth for Floor toms; 12” – 18” for bass drums.

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Tasmanian Blackwood

Tasmanian Blackwood is our workhorse material and produces warm, mellow, rounded tones with lots of low end. The woody character creates a rich and balanced sound that is extremely sensitive yet punchy.

Visually Tasmanian Blackwood ranges from a gorgeous golden amber through to an extremely elegant dark chocolate brown.

Tasmanian Blackwood veneer sample


Jarrah shells are more responsive in the mid range than Tasmanian Blackwood but still have a punchy low-end sound. Jarrah drums have strong attack and projection with a distinctly woody bark in the mid range combined with a metallic top-end tone. This combination is ideal for snare drums and produces a characteristic that is similar to steel snare drums.

Visually Jarrah ranges from a light red or brown to a darker brick red.

Jarrah veneer sample

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is the hardest wood we work with and has the lowest fundamental note of any of the timbers we use. This low-end resonance in a hard, defined wood creates a dynamic yet powerful sound that has a modern, sensitive, ‘pre-eq’d’ characteristic while providing loads of volume, body and projection.

Visually Spotted Gum varies dramatically compared to other Australian hardwoods. It has a tightly interlocked grain and ranges from a pale to dark brown colour. It often features gorgeous figuring. 

Spotted Gum veneer sample

Something different

As drummers and craftsmen, we are genuinely interested and inspired by different woods and how they might sound in different drumming contexts. Nothing is more exciting than discovering a rare wood that makes a killer specialty snare. When we find something we truly love, we will occasionally do limited runs of drums with these unique timbers. These are subject to availability and are only available from time to time. Contact us directly for what’s on offer.

Standard Veneer Options

Our standard range of veneers gives the customer a wide range of aesthetic options to get that finish you've always wanted, without affecting the price or sound of your drums. Timber is a naturally unique product and can have variations in colour, wood grain & texture. These veneer finishes are made with the shell and have no effect on the acoustic properties or performance of our drums.

Exotic Veneer Options

For those that want something even more visually striking, we offer a range of exotic veneers. Exotic veneer options are always subject to availability and range in price. Contact us for a quote and availability. The same rules apply for exotic veneers, as they are natural and unique they can vary in colour and texture.  All exotic veneer finishes are made with the shell and have no effect on the acoustic properties or performance of our drums. We are always hunting for new and exciting veneers, so keep your eyes out, the exotic, rare finish you’ve always wanted might be in our workshop.