2.3mm triple flanged drum hoops



For a timeless and classy look, all Evetts snare drums are fitted with full length vintage tube lugs, while our drum kits are fitted with mini tube lugs. Beavertail lugs are also available on snares drums and drum kits on request.


All Evetts snare drums and toms come fitted with 2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoops. We believe these hoops let our drum shells breathe and do the talking.  

Die Cast hoops are available on snare drums by special request. Die Cast hoops offer a more focused note with a shorter sustain.

All bass drum hoops are meticulously handcrafted to match your bespoke drum kit.  

Evetts 2.3mm triple flanged hoop tension rod

Evetts L rod bracket and free floating suspension mount

Tom Mounting

Our rack toms are fitted with hanging suspension mounts and a 12mm L rod bracket.

Floor toms are fitted with a heavy duty brackets and 12mm floor tom legs. 

Bass Drum Spurs

Our bass drums come standard with heavy duty, high quality telescopic spurs with a spring loaded spike to ensure your bass drum stays put.

Classic style fold out spurs are available on request. 

Evetts heavy duty telescopic bass drum spurs on American Red heart veneer drum kit

Trick GS007 Multi step throw off

Throw Off

Evetts snare drums are fitted with the Trick GS007 Multi Step throw off.