Evetts spray gun in spray booth


All Evetts Bespoke drums are available in our Smooth Satin, and High Gloss finishes.

Smooth Satin

Our Smooth Satin finish screams elegance and class. Featuring premium grade lacquers, we start with a labour intensive process of sealing your drum shells to leave a smooth grain filled surface which is then meticulously top-coated by our craftsmen. The result is a finish which is dazzling to the eye, silky smooth to touch and maintenance free.

Evetts Smooth Satin finish snare drum

High Gloss

High Gloss is our premium finish, It is visually striking. We use a deep, high gloss lacquer, which is then hand-polished to create a hard, glass like finish that oozes luxurious class. These drums will delight eyes and ears alike.   

Evetts High Gloss finish snare drum

Stains, fades, bursts & solid paint

Looking for a stain, fade, burst or specialty paint finish? Contact us to discuss adding a unique flavour to your drums.