Evetts Handcrafted Bespoke Drum Kit Spotted Gum drum shells Black Limba veneer

Bespoke Drums

Handcrafted For Drummers By Drummers

Our bespoke drums are handcrafted instruments built by our master craftsman working with the customer every step of the way. This means that you choose from our range of shells, finishes, and hardware to create the unique sound, look and feel you’ve always dreamed of playing. Working directly with the craftsman, you’ll see your dream drums materialise from beautiful raw timber veneer to the music-making delights you’ll never want to stop playing. 

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Drum Shells

All Evetts drums begin with our house-pressed shells made from native Australian woods chosen for their unique tonal qualities.

At Evetts, we have a meticulous eye for quality, detail and consistency. We want drummers to be as excited and thrilled with drumming as we are, so we work tirelessly to ensure that all our kits have consistent tonal matches, letting you express yourself to the best of your ability.

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Evetts handcrafted drum shells Jarrah with Silky Oak veneer


All finishes, from Smooth Satin to High Gloss, are completed by hand to our immaculate standards with premium quality lacquers.

We offer two types of timber finishes: Smooth Satin and High Gloss. Contact us directly if you require stains, fades, bursts or solid colours.

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Evetts handcrafted Tasmanian Blackwood snare drum shell with inlay in spray booth

Bearing Edges

What many drummers may not realise is just how important bearing edges are to a drum’s tone. While the drum shell is the foundation of your sound, the bearing edge and profile amplify that voice and project your individual tone. For this reason, we offer different edge styles to tailor our drums to your particular musical needs.

All bearing edges on Evetts drums are hand cut and sanded to help bring the shells to life, providing a consistent edge for the drum head to be seated on.

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Evetts craftsman cutting bearing edges on drum shell


Evetts drums are equipped with only the highest quality components. These drums are built to last throughout the toughest tours and sessions, down to the last lug and screw. We offer a range of different lugs and components to suit all aesthetic styles.

We fit our drums with hardware that is sleek, timeless and classy, yet strong enough to ensure your drums won’t budge an inch regardless of how hard you hit or what environment you’re in. All hardware is available in chrome, nickel black and brass plating so you can achieve the exact look you’ve always wanted in a drum set or snare drum.

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Evetts handcrafted bespoke snare drum during assembly tube lugs, trick throw off